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NEW YEAR NEW YOU $97 for all programs: Automatic discount applied at checkout

Meet The Creators & Their Mission

Why did I create the Anxiety Healing Program?

The answer is simple. I had a loved one, a very close dear friend, who suffers from anxiety. We grew up together and I watched this friend go through our teenage years confused about what they were feeling. Dealt with individuals telling them to just “get over it” or “you worry too much.” The Anxiety was real, but we as their support system didn’t really understand what they were dealing with.

By the time we realized the severity of the situation, it was overwhelming to see the cost and time commitment for different treatment options. As friends and family we pulled together to get them the help that they needed, but it was exhausting, financially stressful, and time consuming. It then became my personal mission to make sure that people who suffer from mental health illnesses, like anxiety, can get more affordable treatment and easier access to the resources they need.

 I have since completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in psychology and the study of the brain through neuroscience. With this education and the partnership with other licensed therapists we created the Anxiety Healing Program. Our mission is to get treatment into more homes, helping more individuals get help earlier and without financial stress so there can be more healing and less hurting.

 I plead with you if you or a loved one is suffering from Anxiety, take action now to bring healing and freedom into your life. Know that if you have anxiety, there is hope, there is help and there is healing.

Warmest Regards, 


The Anxiety Healing Program was created by Kate Wirig and Stuart Squires. 


Kate holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Bachelors degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. She has been awarded many awards such as the Brigham Young University "Circle of Honor" Award and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation "Hope of the Future" Award.
Kate has devoted her life to helping others be free of their mental illness and is a proponent for more research in medical and psychological advancements. She has helped many companies achieve their goals through business and marketing consulting, and is the CEO of the Mental Healing Institute. 
Kate created the Anxiety Healing Program with you, the individual, in mind. Her goal is to make treatment affordable and available to more people. The program has now helped hundreds of people heal from Anxiety and move forward to achieve heir goals. 
Kate is the mother of 5 children and is happily married to her childhood sweetheart. They reside in Utah. 


Stuart has spent years helping families, couples, and individuals deal with conflict, stress, and general discord in their lives.  He has nearly a decade of experience working with families and individuals on issues ranging from unhealthy family communication, addiction, abuse, depression, anxiety, defiance, academic underachievement, and substance abuse.
Stuart has  worked in a wide range of treatment settings such as outpatient therapy, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient family treatment. He holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and has be recognized in many professional settings for his open, honest and authentic style. Stuart has devoted his life to healing others through positive thinking, healthy coping tools and honest communication tactics. 
Stuart and his wife reside with their 8 children in St. George, Utah