NEW YEAR NEW YOU $97 for all programs: Automatic discount applied at checkout
NEW YEAR NEW YOU $97 for all programs: Automatic discount applied at checkout


Who is the Anxiety Healing Program Recommended For?

The Anxiety Healing Program was designed specifically with adults and older teenagers in mind. However, the way the program is organized it could be effective for individuals of any age. So long as the materials are used as designed, the program should be helpful for anyone over the age of 12. 

How Is The Program Structured?

The Anxiety Healing Program is broken down into eight 20 minute sessions, with an introduction included. These sessions mimic a group coaching session. The listener will feel as though they are sitting in on a support group for anxiety, thereby learning how to implement tools and recognize triggers through relating to other individuals in the same situation. 

Additionally, at the end of each 20 minute session there is a chapter to complete in the workbook. The worksheets help the individual to implement the tools and information learned into their unique lives. 

Can I Use This Program While On Medication?

Absolutely! For most medications to work properly there should be a combination of life style changes, implementation of proper coping tools, as well as follow-up with a medical professional. The Anxiety Healing Program will only improve your life, regardless of whether or not you are on medications. We never advise anyone to go off their medications unless they are directed by a medical professional to do so. 

Does The Anxiety Healing Program Guarantee Results?

Due to the nature of therapy, counseling and coaching, the Anxiety Healing Program cannot guarantee results. Each individual determines that amount of work they are willing to put into their recovery. The program is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an effective way to combat Anxiety. If you put in the work, you will see results. 

What Format Is The Program?

The program is divided into 9 MP3 downloads: introduction and 8 sessions. When you purchase the program, you will immediately receive an email with the download instructions. You can download the sessions right into your iTunes or any MP3 compatible account, and can listen anywhere that is convenient. The download will be available instantly after purchase. The journal will be in a PDF format and will also appear instantly in your email. Know that because of the size of the program, it may not easily download onto mobile phones. You will have more luck if you download it onto your computer first. 

Why Use The Anxiety Healing Program Instead of Other Programs?

The Anxiety Healing Program is unique in how affordable and simple it is. The program was created for busy people with limited budgets. The cost of the Basic program is less the one session of traditional therapy*, but in this program you get the equivalent of 8 anxiety coaching sessions. Once you own the program you can listen to it as often as needed. Other programs do not allow you to go back and re-listen. And finally, there is no subscription. This is a ONE TIME purchase. There are no hidden charges or fees. 

What If I Have Problems With Downloading?

If you have any problems downloading your program, simply email and a representative will assist you within 24 hours. Also know that because the program is very large, it may not easily download onto a mobile phone. You will have more success if you download onto your computer. 

Can I Return The Program?

Yes! You can cancel your order so long as you have not downloaded any of the MP3 audio files and workbook. If you ordered the premium program and have received the journal you can send it back unused for your refund. 

If the program has been downloaded and the journal used, then we, unfortunately, cannot issue a refund. 

I Can't Access The Program I Previously Purchased?

If you have previously purchased the Anxiety Healing Program and cannot access it, please email us at and the downloads will be resent to you.

*The average cost of therapy in the United States is $120-$150 according to Thumbtack