For a LIMITED TIME get $20 off the program
For a LIMITED TIME get $20 off the program
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers
Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers

Anxiety Healing Program - Teenagers

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Want to help your teenager be free of anxiety? They can be anxiety free in just 8 

Help your teenager deal with their anxiety & depression all from the comfort of your own home!

In this program they will learn 7 fundamental things to overcome their anxiety:

  1. How to Identify Their Anxiety
  2. How to Separate The Anxiety From Themselves
  3. How to Identify Their Triggers
  4. How to Identify Reality vs. Lies The Anxiety Tells Them
  5. Dealing with “What-If” and “Worst Case Scenario” Thoughts
  6. Determining Their Control In Situations
  7. Understanding Their Personality and How It Effects Their Anxiety

What is Required of Them?

  • Enrollment in The Anxiety Healing Program.
  • Completion of all sessions and journal entries.
  • A willing attitude and open mind.

Want to get to know the creators? Read our story here.

Program Details

  • Compiled into 8- 20 Minute Sessions

  • Instant MP3 Downloads After Purchase
  • One-Time Purchase, No Subscription Necessary
  • Listen To It Over and Over Again
  • Costs Less Than One Session of Traditional Therapy
  • High Quality, Spiral Bound Journal Sent To You, No Shipping Costs
  • Additional PDF Journal Included For Home Printing
  • Recommended by Doctors and Therapists
  • Program Rooted In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques That Have Helped Thousands 
  • Easy Cancellations*

    Why The Anxiety Healing Program for Teenagers?

    One of the most common issues facing teens is anxiety and depression. Parents may not know where to turn and wonder what the next step is to help their child. This program is ideal for any family, and can give your teen a way to learn proper coping tools that will help them throughout life. It can be done as a family, or done individually. The worst thing to do when your child has anxiety is NOTHING. Get them the help they need while in their youth and equipped them with the tools they need to succeed!

    Read Success Stories About The Program Here 

    *Participants in the Anxiety Healing Program have reported a significant decrease in their Anxiety following completion of our 8-week program. Results may vary. Due to the nature of coaching, AHP cannot guarantee results. 
    ** Please refer to our FAQ page to read more about our cancellation policy. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Insightful and Life-Changing

    Beautifully written. Kate is insightful and helpful. It is to the point, entertaining, and soul-searching.

    She details the steps to recovery in a way that really makes it possible to change the way you think and the way you live.

    This is one of the best programs I have done to help my anxiety.

    I am recommending it to my therapist as well. I am sure she will recommend it to her other clients.

    Highly Recommend for Teenagers

    We used this program with my teenage daughter. I saw an Ad on social media and it felt like an answer to prayers. We were beside ourselves in knowing how to help our daughter understand what she was feeling and we were worried that we were losing her. We did this program as a family and found that is was so helpful. Not only did it help her understand what to do when she felt anxious, it educated my husband and I so that we knew how to talk and have an open dialogue for what she was feeling. It has been such a blessing in our home.

    I wish there were more programs like this

    I have been suffering from social anxiety for years. The recordings and workbook have been very helpful in combating those feelings. I wish there were more programs like this. I love the format and I love the progress I have made.


    This program has been great for me. Let me explain a little bit about it. You download the program and then you just listen to it on your phone, computer or device. It is like attending a group therapy session, but you don’t have to go meet other people or pay for therapy. I liked the fact that it was totally done alone, because I really don’t like the idea of going to therapy. I listened to one session on my way to work every other day (they are about 15-20 minutes long) and it was very simple. You also get a workbook and that is pretty cool. I didn’t think I would use the journal, but it was actually the best part. You just listen to the session then spend about 10-15 minutes on the journal. Overall, I would say anyone dealing with anxiety should try this program. For the cost, you can’t beat it, and it really does help.


    I used the this program before it was available for the general purchase. My family doctor told me about it when I went in for my last physical. I have dealt with high functioning anxiety for a long time and so I just kept pushing through. I didn’t want to do therapy because that was super uncomfortable for me, but it was also getting worse and I didn’t know the next step. I honestly tried this program because it was so cheap and I thought, “What the Heck?” but it actually really helped. I found that the tools presented were actually incredibly helpful and I am doing a lot better now. I don’t feel like I need therapy now and if I actually apply what is presented here, I cut down my panic attacks and anxiety almost in half. So I would highly recommend it. For the price it is worth a shot!

    Highly Recommend

    We used this with my daughter because we knew there was a problem, but we weren’t ready for medication and we couldn’t afford therapy. Our doctor recommended it to us and it has really helped. We listen to it together, although you she could easily do it alone, but I like to know what she is learning. We bought two journals so we could do it at the same time and even though I don’t have anxiety I find the tools very helpful for everyday life. My daughter is doing a lot better, and it has been incredibly helpful for me to know what to do to assist her. This is a great program for teenagers and for parents who don’t know what the next step is. I am so glad our doctor told us about it.


    I was a little worried to try this program out initially so I thought it might be helpful for others to know what this program is and what it isn't. First of all, it is set up like a group therapy session. Essentially, you are listening to other people's therapy. There are 4 people that talk about their anxiety and how they implement the tools. The discussion leader, Kate, teaches what tools to use and then you work on implementing them. Here are some pros and cons:

    -You don't actually have to go to therapy. I did not want to do therapy, it is very uncomfortable for me, but this made me feel like I was getting the same information without having to attend.
    -The price is great. I was worried about spending almost $100 for it, but therapy would cost me a lot more. You get practically a whole 8 weeks of therapy for $100. That's a win in my book.
    -I did it completely alone. No one knew I was getting coaching, and I was able to just listen during my commute. I liked the flexibility of that.
    -It really does help. I was amazed at how much the tools actually made a difference. That being said, I am not perfect, but I sure am better than I was a month ago.

    -Because you are listening, you don't really get to talk to anyone about your anxiety. Initially I thought I wanted to be 100% alone, but I also think it would be nice to talk to someone. Some people say they did it with another person, and I think that is a good idea if you want to talk.
    -It doesn't take long to do the whole program. It took me about 6 weeks, and after I kind of wanted more. I wish it were a little longer.

    Overall, I think it was super helpful and I am very glad I did it. If you are dealing with anxiety, you should definitely give it a try. IMO

    Great Alternative to Therapy

    This program is a great alternative to traditional therapy. It can be just as helpful for healing from anxiety, but without the cost or time. As a family doctor, I recommend it to all my patients, both teenagers and adults.

    Love this program!

    I found this program through my doctor. He recommended it when I started some anti-anxiety medications. I am half way done with the program and I am starting to feel good again.

    You can get control of your life!

    Anxiety doesn't have to last forever! You can be free! I am finally feeling like I have control again! Thank you to the Anxiety Healing Program!